Meet Dr. Estipona

Cosmetic Dentist Maria Gloria Estipona, DDS

Dr. Maria Gloria Estipona is a skilled and highly trained dentist who is experienced in all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry. A practicing dentist for over fifteen years, she is extremely gentle and experienced with both pediatric and adult patients. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at Centro Escolar University in the Philippines in 1990. After coming to the U.S. in 1993 and in preparation for the State Board Licensing Exams, she completed her training and review at UCLA. Soon after, she became board certified and worked as an associate dentist in the Bay Area for several years.

Through hard work and countless blessings, she established her own practice, Treehouse Dental, in 2008 in Folsom, California. To have a practice she can call her own has always been one of Dr. Estipona’s goals in her career. “To be in this position is a perfect opportunity to contribute in an individual’s achievement of optimum dental health.”

“The initial decision as to the location of the practice was a difficult choice for us: The Bay Area or Folsom. When the time came to make the decision, it was very clear that Folsom‘s strong sense of community and its people created the perfect place for us to start a new practice. Every person we met here in Folsom welcomed us.”

Treehouse Dental is a place where new technology blends with excellent quality care. A place where we not only create beautiful smiles, but also where every patient experiences a comfortable environment, in which integrity, professionalism, and courteous service are the focus of every staff. Dr. Estipona has a commitment to all patients, “A promise that every patient receives the best dental care possible.”

On a personal note, Dr. Estipona has been married for 27 years and is a dedicated mother to her two children.